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Katedra i Zakład Histologii

Wydział Lekarski

DYDAKTYKA: Prowadzone zajęcia

Fakultet “Microscopic differential diagnosis of normal and pathological cells and tissues.”

Classes are held for students Year I English Division

1. Structure of bone marrow and
lymphatic system. Hematopoiesis. Differentiation of white blood cells and erythrocytes, types of anemia. Myelopoiesis and lymphopoiesis and their disorders.
2. Morphology and function of epithelial tissues (epidermis and dermis, exocrine and endocrine glands)
3. Normal and altered microarchitecture of the components of gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system and reproductive systems.
4. Normal and disordered histology of the central and peripheral nervous system, muscular and circulatory system.
5. Normal and disordered histology of mineralized tissues.

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