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Katedra i Zakład Histologii

Wydział Lekarski

DYDAKTYKA: Prowadzone zajęcia

Fakultet “Introduction to Cancer Cytobiology”

Classes are held for students Year I – V English Division

I.The basis characterization of cancer – cell behavior
- uncontrolled cell proliferation
- carcinoma in situ
- steps in the process of metastasis
- diagnosis of cancer
- cancer therapy

II.Carcinogenesis – changes in the control of the cell cycle
- the role of cell cycle checkpoints
- cyclin-Cdk complexes of the cell-cycle control system
- rB protein (retinoblastoma)
- control of S phase entry
- the p53 protein
- tumor suppressor
- the cyclin-dependent kinase (cdk) inhibitors p27, p21, and p16- oncogenesangiogenesis/

III.Cell cultures as methods of investigating cancer biology, cytodiagnostics.
- cancer cell lines
- metods and usage of cell cultures
- targeted anticancer therapy
- viruses and carcinogenesis
- cervical carcinoma cytodiagnostics

IV.Mechanisms of metastasis
- Types of cell Adhesion Molecules based on interaction of thrombocyte and leukocytes with
endothelial cells
- cancer cell invasiveness as a key to metastasis, collagenase secretion
- infiltration of blood and lymph vessels by cancer cells
- infiltration of periferal organs by cancer cells
- characteristics of secondary tumor growth
- therapeutic implication (antiintegrins), antibody therapy etc.
- tumor vascularisation

V.Histological classification of cancer
- basic classification of cancer
- histological slides of dysplasia, carcinoma in situ and invasive carcinoma
- diagnostic immunohistochemistry markers

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