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Katedra i Zakład Fizyki i Biofizyki

Wydział Lekarski


Piotr Boguś – Biography

Piotr Boguś was born on October 26th 1957 in Gdańsk, Poland. He works at the Department of Physics and Biophysics of Medical University of Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland at the positions: the lecturer (1983-1992) and from 1993 as the adiunkt (assistant professor). From 2008 he is a Head of the Department of Physics and Biophysics. He graduated from two faculties: Theoretical Physics at the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry of Gdansk University in Poland (M.Sc. 1981) and computer science at the Department of Electronics of Gdańsk University of Technology in Poland (M.Sc. and B. Eng. 1984). In 1992 he received the Ph. D. degree in the Computer Science at the Department of Electronics of Gdańsk University of Technology. In 1996-1997 he was working in the Neural and Fuzzy System Group at the Department of Physics, University of Genoa (Italy) paying duties of his ICTP fellowship in Programme for Training and Research in Italian Laboratories. In 2007 he received the D.Sc. in technology science at the Faculty of Working Machines and Transportations of Technical University of Poznań (habilitation). In his scientific live he was dealing with modelling drug distribution processes in human body, researches on dielectric spectroscopy, modelling of electrical properties of tissues, expert and knowledge-based systems. Now his main area of interests are vibroacoustic and bio signal processing, image segmentation, clustering, medical image analysis, medical image reconstruction, medical physics and nonlinear signal analysis. His teaching experiences cover running laboratories and lectures in biophysics, computer science, physics, knowledge based systems, fuzzy knowledge based systems and signal and image analysis.

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Piotr Boguś, Bogumił Łopatowski